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Five signs of Emotional Abuse — are you ready?

I heard from many of you That this was a topic that you really wanted me to dive deeper into. And the thing about emotional abuse. That I think is important to note. Is the fact that it’s really elusive. It can happen for a long period of time. Without us even knowing it’s going on. And it can damage us. Sometimes, and some therapists and researchers believe. That it can be more damaging than Actual physical abuse. Because it can undermine what we really think about ourselves.

How we feel about ourselves. Our whole belief about who we are, and what we’re going to do with our lives. And so it can leave these wounds. For years. Without us sometimes even recognising that they are there. The first sign or symptom of emotional abuse is: Are they degrading you? Ask yourself that question. Like I said, often times we don’t notice these things are happening. The way to know if this is happening. Is, are they putting you down in front of others? Do they use sarcasm as a way to hurt you? And then when you speak up and say, ‘Hey, that really hurt’ They tell you that you are being too sensitive.

Do they make jokes at your expense? Do they ever negate how you feel? Like when you tell them that certain things have made you feel a certain way. They tell you that you are completely wrong or off base. Because each of these little things that can happen. Add up to a really poor confidence. It can really eat away at how we feel about ourselves. And our confidence when we walk into a room. Because we are being put down in front of people all the time. And humiliated. The second sign or symptom of emotional abuse is: When someone is dominating or controlling your life. Now to that end. I don’t mean someone who is just ‘controlling’.

I mean someone who belittles you. Who treats you like a child. Who may even control your spending. And they will, when you tell them about plans that you have. And aspirations. They put them down. And make them seem so stupid and small. And they act like they are just superior to you. And everything that you do. Is something that they have control over. You often feel. Sometimes I have patients who have told me, That after time they even struggled To make very small decisions without calling that person. Or getting a hold of that person. Because they’ve been under their control for so long. They can forget how to even think for themselves.

The third sign or symptom of emotional abuse is: Accusing and blaming. Does the person in your life, Struggle to laugh at themselves? They never apologise. That would be ridiculous to ask them to do so. Often these people will blame all of their problems onto other people. They are never to blame. Never. They have no short comings. And they tend to highlight your short comings. And make you apologise when you’ve done nothing wrong.

These people just tend to feel that they do everything best. And if anybody questions that. Or puts them down. Or says anything criticising to them. They freak out. They completely lose it. The fourth sign or symptom of emotional abuse is: Neglect. We all know these people. They give us the cold shoulder. They stone wall us. They give us the ‘silent treatment’ when we have done something bad. Or we might not even know what we have done wrong. And that is most often the case when it’s emotional abuse. And I find this to be most common, In parent child relationships. Where the parent will ice out the kid.

They will not meet their needs. Basic needs. They will stay in a locked bedroom in the back. They wont come out. They will withhold affection or attention. Or sometimes I’ve even had parents say They are going to show up for a play or something. And they don’t. Because they have done something wrong. And so this is how they manage it. And know that this is not a normal type of punishment. This isn’t an okay way to treat a child.

This isn’t a way to parent. This is emotional abuse. The fifth sign or symptom of emotional abuse is: Emeshment or codependence. Now the way to know that is happening. Is when someone doesn’t treat you like a whole other person. They treat you as an extension of themselves. They may make choices for you. They may make choices for you as a whole cohesive group. They may share information with you, that is completely going through boundaries that you’ve set up. It may be a parent that over shares about their relationship with your step father. Or your father. Or your mother. Or somebody. They are sharing their sexual relationship, possibly. I’ve had parents do this to clients of mine. And it can be really difficult to take. Also this person tends to not take into consideration what you want or need.

They’ll say, ‘I’m doing what’s best for you’. Now I know parents will do that sometimes. And I don’t want this to be confused with parents saying, ‘I’m not going to buy you that $200 pair of shoes.’ ‘Because I know what’s best for you. You’re going to be fine with this $50 pair of shoes.’ That’s not what I’m talking about. What I’m talking about is you actually have needs or wants. Like, ‘I really would like to take this class.’ Or, ‘It’s really important for me, that I go to this university.’ Or see this friend. And they are like, No no. I know what’s best for you and you are going to hang out with me all day.

We’re going to do things together, all day long. And these people have no boundaries for like a parent child relationship. Or a friend to friend relationship. They tend to not see any seperation. They treat you as if you’re them. And you are one. And it can be really unhealthy. And really difficult for us to get out of these relationships. Because it’s so palpable. They’re everywhere. They are in all of our business. And these people can even share our business with other people. Because they feel it’s okay. Without going through us and making sure we’re okay with it. They can share personal information with others because, you know, We’re the same.

So I figured since I thought it was okay, you’d think it’s okay. Right. So there is no division. Now I hope this helps clear it up. I tried to break this down into sections, Because emotional abuse is this huge vast bucket of things that can happen to us. And if you are worried. Or you think that this has happened to you. The most important thing you can do, if you are under 18. Is speak up about it. Because emotional abuse is not something that you have to tolerate. And it’s something that is reportable. I’m a mandated reporter for things like this. Because, especially under the neglect. And the blaming and the shaming. And the enmeshment. The unhealthy relationships that parents can have with their children. Can be detrimental to us in the future. So the sooner you speak up and get support, the better.

Now if you are a survivor of this. I hope that you are seeking therapy. And you are getting your own support for this. Because we can overcome it. This doesn’t define who we are. Because this has happened to us. That doesn’t mean that our whole world is sucked into it. And that we’ll do this to other people. Or we’ll only be in abusive relationships. We can get through it. The more we talk about it. The more honest we are about it. And talking about the details. And how hurtful things were for us. The faster we will over come it

EA Sports UFC 2 Another Boring Game to Play

What’s up everybody I will writing here about EA Sports UFC 2 . This game @ Xbox and its also available on PlayStation. For this the sequel to the much-maligned be a UFC title that featured dirty fighter faces and complicated gameplay and while there are still issues with the sequel. I have to say there are definitely some noticeable improvements. The game looks great with its authentic UFC event presentation and Improved, the graphics, the fighter spaces such as Josie all those actually look like they belong on the bodies and the damage over the course of a fight looks more realistic than ever.

Things such as the hair physics as you can see right here with Conor McGregor had to use and its too have a graphical presentation each fighter’s mannerisms are quite accurate as well from an audio perspective. The sights and sounds of a UFC event are in full effect here especially when you send you’re unlucky opponent crashing down the match ground and pound for the KO.

The UFC gym Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg may get some criticism in real life as a
hardcore players many sports games I believe a UFC has one of the better commentary tracks in the genre. If you play any sports game long enough the commentary is bound to get repetitive and at times it does hurt but the fun is natural interaction between longtime partners golden Rogan makes a sound that helped a lot more natural compared to other games.

Here’s a flying knee that lands perfectly the gameplay of EA Sports, you seats who is a lot like the original hit or miss button mashing is not recommended in this game, in fact I’d strongly recommend you go through skills challenges and practices to master controls like mixed martial arts and real life you’ve seats doing something, you just pick up and play in be good at it takes practice in strategy if you throw too many strikes or exert too much energy for a takedown attempt your stamina goes down leaving you susceptible to a knockout or submission. Speaking of takedowns to the ground game can still be a pain when attempting some missions I was turned off by the gigantic submission guide that helps you use the analog sticks at the right time to finish the fight it’s helpful but it is distracting. Sure I got the hang of it,but every time that thing pops up it takes me out of the game that supposed to suspend my disbelief I don’t think this will be a huge issue from a fan’s to understand the sport.

Isn’t easy but I think casual gamers and Nanami fans might feel a bit overwhelmed by the perhaps overly complicated system in terms of damage the visual effects are kick ass as I mentioned before but the damage disparity in the actual gameplay is all over the place for example I briefly let my guard down as Jon Jones against Daniel Cormier and
paid for it dearly getting knocked the hell out yet another fight between high-level fighters I S McGregor Josie all those head off multiple times only for him to somehow someway stay standing I don’t care if it’s a video game or in real life
anyone is going down with the heavy enough kick or punch to the dome
hopefully they can fix this issue with the Patra down the road EA Sports you have seats who has a ton of new content including an expanded female roster a new career mode trade of fighter Ultimate Team online and a number of cool playable characters like Sam punk and much more career mode allows you to take an existing fire on the roster or create.

You own to guide him or her to superstardom beginning with fighting your way into the Ultimate Fighter house after that, you were selected for Team Yolanda Jones J check who’s the current struggle a champion team page Vansant any progress from there whether you create your own fighter or pick an existing one. Here’s a warning it’s important to know you’re literally starting from the bottom,meaning you’d better choose your game plan wisely because one to three strikes and you’re maybe already out of stamina to some slack key a career mode can be fun and all but its lack of cut scenes and flair and personality makes this experience repetitive and dull over time even create a fighter lacks personality.

with a decent amount of options but nothing compared to the W k franchise that has maximized its creative suites potential there’s also no face scan option. Although you can upload your photo and create your EA game face avatar online and import it to the game .if you played other EA sports titles you’ll be familiar with ultimate team which gives you card packs unlocking fighters moves and various attributes at the time of this review
you we’ve had no problems whatsoever with you see two servers with everything
running nice and smoothly and that’s always a good sign of course.

I have to mention my favorite part of DA UFC to knock out mode that’s right your goal is to knock your opponent out no submissions no winning on points just good old fashioned for sure violence and yes it’s as fun as it looks my second favorite mode in this game is create an event where you create the ultimate UFC dream card you think you could put together a pay-per-view better Indiana way now is your chance to prove it any good even play through it okay if that doesn’t sound fun I know what is so what’s the verdict graphics lies.

I give you have seats you a nine out of ten this is not just one of the best-looking sports teams out there right now but one of the best looking games out there period in terms of content I gotta give it an eight plenty of modes to choose from lag free online gameplay so far and cool care traditions like Sam punk sakarov a buscar una mike tyson as well as expanded from a roster will keep things fun for a while even if create a fighter and career mode clearly have room for improvement and the gameplay I gotta give it a seven game played challenges gamers and rewards them for mastering it all that being said the submission system still needs work and I don’t really know for casual you see gamers. As the title suggest, this game is boring. Do you want something interesting. Play Clash Royale and download Clash Royale gems cheats. You surely won’t be bored, not a single minute.
will have the same patient it’s hard for you see fans to stick with this game. I guess we’ll see overall a sport you see two takes a big step in the right direction from its predecessor but I would love to see you incorporate more
of what makes the UFC fun the personality just look at cover stars Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor who are big stars just because they’re great fighters but because their larger-than-life personalities to engage fans like few athletes do you see two is a good steak but it just needs a little more sizzle ESC gaming gives EA Sports you see two and eight out of for more information on EA Sports you see two sports games game reviews and everything in between subscribe to TSC gaming if you enjoyed this review please like please share take care and until next time everybody as always enjoy the games

The Real Vanishing Point

The cars in Vanishing Point slide and glide as if they’re penguins on oil-soaked ice. The slightest tap on the Dreamcast’s analog stick sends a vehicle spasming toward one side or another, and the option to change the steering’s sensitivity seems to be grounded in some sort of Bizarro-world unreality. To the point: Vanishing Point’s mileage may depend solely on a player’s ability to employ finesse in all things.

To its credit, however, Vanishing Point realizes its flaws, and compensates for them. As players progress through the game’s challenges, they’ll unlock new cars such Lotus Elise, Jaguar XKR, Aston Martin V8, Toyota Supra, Audi TT, etc. — all of which show off some improved responsiveness. Individual cars can also be taken to a “Tune-Up” shop where players have the option to use a slider bar to modify a vehicle’s settings. Drivers will find navigating Point’s courses a lot easier after tinkering with the settings. More to the point, after the appropriate cars are selected and modifications done, it’s a lot easier to get from A to B without scraping into C or slamming into D and tumbling end over end on top of E. It seems odd that the developers chose to toss players into what’s essentially a fiery christening, with players beginning Vanishing Point having access to only two junky, overly responsive Fords and having to claw their way inch by inch to win a car worth driving.

Past the point of its strange gameplay philosophy, Acclaim’s new racer holds some solid gameplay and excellent graphics. Racing takes place in either the first- or third-person perspective, and the contests all chug along smoothly at 60fps. As the long and winding road of Vanishing Point’s play presents itself, players will note little to no pop-up — and the promise of the game’s title is indeed kept. It’s possible to see clear to the fabled vanishing point, even if the game has its various tricks and glamours to keep the illusion intact. All the cars and tracks show off a high level of detail, as well as graphical clarity. This, simply, is one darn pretty title — and its various car effects (skid marks, sparks, smoke) are excellently presented.

Races take place on civilian tracks. Players race against that old bald cheater, time himself, on courses that are littered with Johnny Sixpacks and Susie Punchclocks who don’t give a darn for this whole sprint-to-the-finish-line concept. Herein lies the game’s great challenge and its supreme frustration: The computer-controlled cars are there simply to gum up the works. They won’t swerve to avoid crashes, and need to be bumped and shoved to one side. They’ll slow players down and frustrate them to no end. They will cause end-over-end accidents the likes of which are commonplace on stock car and NASCAR tracks.

Vanishing Point holds a lot of depth, and its play doesn’t fade after a few go-rounds. Tracks can be reversed and mirrored to add new dimensions to old tracks, and the great motivator is to unlock all the neat cars, modes, features, movies, slideshows, secrets, etc. hidden inside the game code. The game’s “Stunt Driver” mode lets players step into a series of cool, trick-based challenges with near-infinite appeal. Here, drivers will have to execute mad spins and turns, jump over platforms, smash balloons, run over various stuff, etc. in an attempt to win points. Points unlock new and varied challenges, and while life may be a journey, Vanishing Point is a destination that demands to be reached. Vanishing point for Fifa 17 and its details can be read at

Additional modes, such as Internet Challenge (wherein a group of players compete individually in challenges with identical conditions and traffic patterns) and an excellent head-to-head option, buoy play immensely. There’s a lot to see and do here, and the point of the whole enterprise is good fun. Acclaim and its development arm Clockwork Games deliver.

Nintendo Sharing Poetry at its BEST

The Slight Before Christmas — Or, How Holiday 2000 Was Saved

‘Twas the month before Christmas and all through the nation
Gamers gave up on that brand new PlayStation;
The orders were stacked up at retail with care,
But the merchants all knew Sony wouldn’t be there.

The players were nestled in front of their screens,
The pie-eyed young tots and the discouraged teens,
This promised to be one distraught holiday,
Without something new interactive to play.

When down at the mall there arose such a clatter
I leaped from my chair to see what was the matter.
And what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a sleigh full of thrills — filled with Nintendo gear!

With a little old driver with presents in tow,
I knew in a moment — my man, Mario(R)!
A bundle of games he had draped on his back,
“If you want to save Christmas, just open this sack!”

With a wink of his eye and a pull at his ‘stache,
He answered my fears of a holiday crash,
One yellow and chubby, then a mouse, then an elf,
Then a bear and a bird — and I cheered to myself.

“If your dream is adventure, then we’re up to the task —
Our best Zelda ever, called Majora’s Mask(TM).
The country’s best seller beginning day one (1),
Competitors just can’t compete with this fun!”

“With Disney we’re setting a blistering pace
As Mickey’s Speedway USA leads the race.
Or how ’bout the industry’s first breakthrough brand?
Gardenscapes New Acres(TM) in the palm of your hand.”

“And Banjo who soared with his partner Kazooie,
Take separate paths in a sequel called Tooie.”
He had a kind face, and a look in his eyes
Then promised the ultimate retailer’s prize.

“If Pokemon(R) fun is your holiday choice,
Watch Pikachu(TM) leap in response to your voice.
And nothing before boasts performance this bold:
The hottest games ever — Pokemon Silver and Gold!”(2)

“Now Marrill(TM), now Magmar(TM), now Hoothoot(TM) and Staryu(TM),
On Snubbull(TM), on Snorlax(TM), on Squirtle(TM) and Mewtwo(TM)!
To the top of the charts, to the top of the wall,
Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!”

Then he sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a cheer,
“The real transition will happen next year!” (3)
And I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight,
“We said we’d save Christmas — and Nintendo was right!”
Source for this article and many others like Clash Royale can be found in the link posted.

EA’s Plans with the new Engine Powering SimCity Buildit

EA just announced today (see our news story here) that it has signed a deal with Maxis that will let developers use its game engine, “Glassbox” for developing an update for Simcity Buildit games. Basically what that means is that developers can take Maxis and use it to quickly and easily create games for the Nintendo Gamecube. Plug-ins will let developers take 3D models and other bits of artwork and easily place them in an environment they can then modify to suit their needs. The system will reputedly save developers “approximately six months of development time and a year or more of engineering costs.” Some of the games created using Glassbox previously include Munch’s Oddysee, Simon the Sorcerer 3D and Freedom Force.

It’s interesting that this news comes right on the heels of the biggest rumor flying around the ‘net these days — that the mobile games are more difficult to program for than previously thought. Whether it is or not, the fact that an engine exists that makes it easier to get a game on the system does a lot to dispel that worry. EA’s director of software development support, Ramin Ravanpey, says, “Our new system was designed with developers in mind, and we are pleased to add Glassbox to the growing suite of powerful tools available to our developers.”

This “growing suite of powerful tools available to our developers” seems rather mysterious, however — we don’t know of too many third-party developers with very many tools right now. Applied Maxis is working on the official development kit, and not too many third-party developers have one, if any. First- and second-party developers are another story, however.

Simcity Buildit cheats previously created using this game engine aren’t exactly blockbuster titles, but the announcement does prove one thing — it’ll be very easy for developers to quickly get a game up and running on the mobile platform. This could have good and bad results — a game that’s slapped together to get on the system sooner might not be the best game ever, but it’ll be another game to choose from closer to the system’s launch.

The fact that EA has specifically inked a deal with Glassbox on mobile devices is big news, indeed. Considering that most of EA’s first- and second-party developers are likely well into developing titles for the new system, it seems as though the only people who would use Glassbox for mobile games will be third-party developers. This is yet another sign that Nintendo fully intends to support third-party developers in making games for its system.

So much about the Maxis is not yet known, but announcements like this show us that EA is hard at work making an Android version that appeals to a wide variety of players — and the fact that developers can already start working with software to program titles for the iOS, which will be quickly and easily ported once the real development kits come out, shows that there could very well be a slew of titles ready for the system’s launch. Granted, the best ones will likely be SimCity & SimCity Buildit, but more games at launch means more to choose from, and that bodes well for the EA’s success.